Surya College of Education


The Campaign of awakening has started, we get reach to change.Truth always wins, our duty is to follow it.Do the action without prejudice; Mind should be alert to follow it,Though there are so many hurdlers yet we follow it.We get ready to change.

Principal's Message

Education is such a continuous process that is based on learning, development and changing. Education has played a role of positive thinking in human life. Education keeps the foundation of character and makes the one ablest. Education makes the man polite and good natured. Through them man may perform his duties properly. Today in the world of information age the knowledge is spreading so much higher by changing the structure of education. According to the saying of Sh. Vivekananda, ìRise, awake and donít stay till you get your aimî. According to the Upnashid ìIt is final goal of education-Education is that which end product is salvation. You may fulfill your desired aim in this institution by following the highest ranges of discipline and you will become the true partner of program of this institution.

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Since 1993


Chairman's Message

Success is useless without self satisfaction, if there is no meaning and aim in life, though one has so much importance, respect ñ wealth and education yet one will feel loneliness and sadness in life. The personal philosophy of success begins from the consideration of ethic values of health, money family society and country.

There is a great importance of self ñ confidence in life. Self ñ confidence arises from the inner part of the heart. The higher the care of heart the greater the success is. There is so much difference in success and failure as the difference real and maked real.
Educated society is a mile stone of cultured society Our India was based on the name of ëWord Guruí and it is still became we are interested in Education. We are providing both ëSanskar and respect to the world.í And it is the aim of our institution that the whole society may become educated. We want to give good trained teachers to the society.
I pray to God that our college may go upper ahead on the ranges & ladders of success.

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