About the College

“The Campaign of awakening has started, we get reach to change.

Truth always wins, our duty is to follow it.

Do the action without prejudice; Mind should be alert to follow it,

Though there are so many hurdlers yet we follow it

We get ready to change.”

Movement is the rule of life. Day-night moves, Morning-evening moves. Life itself moves if you try hard. The Society which spreads the feelings of ‘Relks eka T;ksfrxZe; ‘when it switches the light of lamps, It gives birth to the institution for throwing the light of knowledge. With the same tradition the unmatched task is being done in Tohana from 2003 by the “Surya Educational and Charitable Society”.

Tohana has a historical importance. From independence till today and from past, it has remained the central point of business activities. But this town remained backward in the field of education, and due to this many activities of the area remained without blooming. Viewing all these short-comings, ‘The Surya Educational & Charitable Trust’ took a step to educate the ‘Youth Generations’.

The history of Educational progress has remained successful. From the very beginning of 2003 from Senior Secondary, It has taken a big stride in the form B.Ed. College in 2007 with. 100 of B.Ed. There are 200 seats of B.Ed. in our College. The Classes of D.Ed. was started on 2008. Surya (P.G.) College is one of them, amongst three Post-Graduate Colleges of Distt. Fatehabad

The main aim of our college is to educate the maximum youth. ‘To serve Man is to serve God’ is the true part of our Culture. It is the Chief aim of our College. There are